Because when a firm’s answer—revelations about its culture, philosophy, mission, goals—aligns with a candidate’s—insights on working style, past experience, personal and professional vision—we’ve all hit the jackpot.

We work diligently and time-efficiently, deftly analyzing your needs and then matching them with our industry’s most highly qualified legal staffing candidate pool. The result is a smoother recruiting experience than you could ever achieve alone. All based on who you really are.

Law firm recruiting. In-house legal recruiting. Legal support recruiting. Legal contract staffing. The only question left is: when can we start?

Our Process

Law Firm Recruiting: Our Secret Sauce

Let’s say your current talent strategy isn’t working. Or, your current talent strategy is nonexistent. Or, perhaps, you don’t even know what a talent strategy is.
The reason matters not. Just call us. That’s Step No. 1. What’s next?

  • You don’t staff for legal firms for more than 25 years without knowing how to help a client define challenges, goals and tactics for success. We’ll ask the right questions (about your firm, law department or business), evaluate your current resources and establish a plan of action and price based on our up-to-the-minute compensation data.
  • And it won’t be one-size-fits-all. We’ll design a path specifically for you, with a mix of strategically placed job postings on respected sources, including social media and our own vast database (which, incidentally, we update daily). We also comb our warm network for worthwhile referrals and reach out to our enviable pool of passive candidates—those who may not be looking for an opportunity but we know would jump at the chance to hear about yours.
  • Typically, we’ll have two to three solid resumes to you within two weeks. Have we beat that goal? Of course. Have we missed that goal? Occasionally. Length of time takes into account the complex, fluid (and exciting!) world of the recruitment market. Meeting one not-so-right candidate could generate new ideas, tweaking the focus of our search. See? Exciting!
  • You’ve picked a candidate. Yay! You’re ready to make an offer. Hold up. We’re here to help you package that presentation in a manner that will garner you the “Yes, I’ll take it!” you seek. Even if your offer is countered, we ensure that the experience is positive and financially realistic to start your new relationship off on the right foot.
  • We’re here for the long haul. We love to hear that our match continues to live up to your wildest dreams and the relationship is productive. But if all is not coming up roses, never fear. Every Shuart team member possesses the experience and professionalism to guide you through a replacement transition, should the need arise. And a guarantee period means you can work with us with confidence.

Law Firm Recruiting

Law Firm Recruiting & Then Some

Yes, we can help you find the perfect new associate. And, yes, we can help you grow your practice group.

But unlike single-focus firms, we can also pour decades of experience into guiding you through industry changes, the hiring process, compensation package development, even negotiations.

The time you spend with us is priceless and valuable: we use it to illuminate your firm’s “big picture.” This clarity allows us to provide support throughout many hires’ life cycles, collaborate with law firm management partners and teams to identify, qualify and introduce lateral partners, uncover quality mid-level and senior associates to fill positions in rapidly growing or understaffed practice areas, assist with small group acquisitions and more.

Trust Shuart to help you target the talent you need, keep you abreast of the latest trends in law firm business models and anticipate your every move.

In-house Legal Recruiting

Top-notch General Counsel At Your Service

You know your corporate legal department faces constant challenges. You know you need superlative candidates to support, propel and maybe even lead your business. You, however, may not know the best way to seek, attract and on-board those professionals.

Luckily for you, we do. Our success rate of matching high-quality attorneys with in-house positions is mammoth—and that's important: an attorney who excels in a law firm may not excel in an in-house setting. No matter if you’re looking for first-time corporate counsel or filling out a larger, well-established legal department, the candidate pools we build are deep with professionals possessing outstanding skills, experience and talent.

Turns out, it’s not what you know. It’s who we know.


Legal Support Recruiting. Right now.

Paralegals and legal secretaries. Administrators and human resource managers. Marketing staff, accountants and so many other roles are critical to keeping your law firm competitive in today’s fast-moving, interconnected world.

Which means you likely need the support, well, yesterday. Enter Shuart. Our recruiting and consulting services are comprehensive and precise, deftly pairing the right person for whatever position is at hand. How do we do it?

  • First, we listen. Really listen. We dig in and dive deep, revealing invaluable insights into a candidate’s personality and career ambitions. We know what to ask and how to ask to elicit the most honest answers. It’s the only way to ensure that the people we introduce to you fit your company culture.
  • Next, we prescreen, allowing for a candidate pool that complements your firm’s specific needs and criteria and drastically reduces the time you spend winnowing out candidates who just don’t fit.
  • References provide invaluable information about candidates, but having a fruitful conversation with a reference takes time. At Shuart & Associates, we handle these tasks for you.
  • With our recruitment process, we are able to narrow the field down to two to three candidates that closely match to your needs based on our discussions with you. Our proven track record reflects our accuracy in finding the right person in the first round of candidates we send.
  • Like many recruiting firms, we maintain a pool of candidates who are passively looking for new positions. But unlike many recruiting firms, we go farther, actively recruiting for open positions. What does this mean for you? A selection that includes both active and passive job seekers. Only recruits off-limits? Those we’ve already placed. As Texas and Louisiana members of the NALSC (and the only legal recruiting firm in Louisiana with this distinction!) we conform to the highest ethical standards.

Legal Contract Staffing

Legal Contract Staffing You Can Trust

Sometimes you don’t need a permanent legal, administrative or support professional. Sometimes you need an exceptionally proficient attorney, administrative person, paralegal or legal secretary on a temporary or locum basis.

Our rich database of available contract staff for legal projects is regularly maintained and assiduously updated. Whether you need contract assistance for one week or several months, we can identify and provide the staff you need. We do the testing and screening. When requested, we do the background and security checks. We do the on-site management and we offer an easy-to-process hourly charge rate.

Our aim is to help you develop a well-oiled, fully functioning team that gets the job done efficiently, expeditiously and professionally.


Our one focus is to provide you with the most qualified candidates—the ones that best fit your temporary, project-based, or direct-hire needs. It’s only natural that you’ll wonder what that costs.

For direct-hire, our fees are based on the employee’s annual compensation. And, of course, we include a guarantee period. What’s more, our team will work with you to ensure a smooth and pleasant transition for your new employee and organization.

When it comes to temporary/contract placement, we offer a competitive hourly rate that covers the cost of the Shuart employee, all payroll taxes and related insurance costs. At Shuart, there are no hidden costs. Our employee will submit a time sheet to you each week for your review, and you will also receive a weekly invoice for approved hours.

In short? Shuart delivers an expeditious, thorough, cost-effective experience that’s truly priceless.

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