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Navigating the Job Market:…

After months of living in Houston and asking myself if I was scared of this term “adulting” or if I was homesick, I made the decision to move back home to New Orleans.  This meant quitting a job I was barely a year into and saying farewell to relationships in Texas. My initial thoughts were: “What am I going to do now?”, “Do I have to move back in with my parents?”, “Will a company understand a new graduate wanting to come home after being away for only a year?”  It was tempting to let these thoughts consume my time,..

Where Do You Fit…

"I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I went to law school and am now in my first job...but something seems amiss.  Do I even want to practice law? Why did I go to law school?!" Sound familiar? Slow down. We encounter this a lot. Sometimes these thoughts start occurring in the first year, but for many we see it happen in the first five years. Nine times out of ten, you’re just in the wrong practice area. You may have taken a job due to other factors like compensation, location, or because you were familiar with the firm..

Cover Letters

DO I REALLY NEED A COVER LETTER? You are not the first person to ask. Although there is no guarantee that every cover letter is read, a survey of human resource managers revealed that 30% of hiring professionals judged a candidate based on his or her cover letter. Is that a chance you want to take? Your cover letter needs three key sections: first, you must show that you fully understand the job description the company’s need. Next, you should explain why you are the best candidate to meet this need. And finally, you must ask for the interview. In..


NETWORKING TO LAND YOUR DREAM JOB Networking is simply the ability to connect with others.  Especially when you are searching for employment, networking will bring you faster results than sending out hundreds of resumes.  There are two main reasons to network: first, people generally do business with people they know and second, the dream job you are looking for may not yet be advertised. In networking, you are offering a connection in exchange for a connection.  Consider it a way to get to know more people and to gain relationships that will be mutually beneficial.   Here are 5 tips..

Social Media

WHAT NOT TO POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA Have you ever considered how a potential employer may see you through your social media pages? In a 2015 survey by the , over 50% of employers admitted to reviewing social media to screen job applicants. This survey revealed that 36% of employers rejected new applicants after: Discovering a lie or inconsistency in the applicant’s employment background or qualifications; Reading a post from the applicant that contained negative information about a current or previous employer; Reading an applicant’s post about his or her alcohol or drug abuse; or Seeing inappropriate photographs on an..

Cybersecurity Boom

Recently, published an interesting article about New York’s recent proposed changes for financial institutions and insurers. There will be a potential increased need for attorneys with cybersecurity experience to address the issues arising from these proposed changes.  The proposals could have immediate and long-term implications nationally. We recently interviewed three well-credentialed candidates with experience in this cutting edge area of law who posses the intellectual prowess to meet these challenging issues head–on.  All three are at pivotal career points and may explore options. Candidate 1: UVA graduate with a passion for data breaches, confidentiality and privacy issues International law..

Thank You Notes

TAKE THE TIME FOR A HANDWRITTEN THANK YOU Regardless of industry, business professionals receive hundreds of emails and texts a day.  In this increasingly digital age, do not underestimate the value of a handwritten thank you note after an interview with a potential employer or recruiter.  Employers will remember opening an envelope as opposed to an email and will appreciate the extra time you took to sign, seal, and deliver your note.  Remember: a thank you note is another opportunity to market yourself and reconnect with potential employers.  You can be gracious and strategic at the same time. Be sure..

Paralegal Certificates

THE POWER OF A PARALEGAL CERTIFICATE There are countless benefits in obtaining a paralegal certificate for both experienced professionals and those interested in pursuing a career in legal support. Educational credentials are increasingly sought after, and even expected, from many law firms around the country.  If you are considering pursuing a paralegal certification, we strongly suggest that you consider an ABA approved program. In Louisiana and Texas, ABA approved paralegal education programs include: Amarillo College, Amarillo El Centro College, Dallas Herzing University, Kenner  Kaplan College (f/k/a Southeastern Career Institute) Lamar State College-Port Arthur, Port Arthur Lee College, Baytown Lone Star..

Topic du jour: The…

In every major search assignment, we learn something about our market and the present state of industry.  Currently, we are working on a search for a General Counsel in healthcare. The topic du jour that has popped up the MOST in this search is this new(ish) trend that is landing on our shores in Louisiana…. Talking to executives in healthcare this week has been so eye opening. Healthcare is an endlessly complex industry that polarizes our politics and is providing innovation as we get further commercialized and regulated. photo credit: via

Are you an Outdoor…

We recently worked with a lawyer who is doing a reverse we don’t often see – someone who went in-house and is now wanting to return to private practice.  When I mentioned how unusual that was, he said, “I’m an outdoor cat, not an indoor cat.  I enjoy the hunt of clients and the challenge of making my own way.  Being an indoor cat has been a little too tame for me.” What a great analogy to highlight the differences between private practice and in-house corporate counsel.  The desire to go in-house is something we hear daily from both attorneys..

Learning Lessons from Other…

Most people change jobs or careers at least once in their lives. Exploring new job opportunities is an expected reality for most working professionals - but when making the transition to a new job or position, it's a good idea to thoughtfully communicate those plans to colleagues and employers. This article gives an interesting perspective on Michael Strahan's departure from his job with Kelly Ripa, and how it might be a learning lesson for anyone considering a major career move.

How to Stand Out…

Our last post promoted an article that gave new law graduates tips for getting a job - but once you get your first job, how do you make yourself stand out? This article discusses a few ways that even the least experienced employee can make a big impression.

Advice from Veteran Attorneys…

The legal world is getting hard to break into. As legal careers become more and more popular, they also become increasingly competitive. This article opens up a conversation about what law students and recent law graduates should do to kick-start their careers. what veteran attorneys have to say to people who are just entering into legal positions.

Reach your Career Goals…

It's been a little over a month since New Year's resolutions were made, and with Valentine's Day right around the corner it's a great time to reflect on whether you've achieved your career goals and are loving your job! This article offers 25 great resources to tackle every question or qualm you might have about your current career. Get back on track and fall back in love with what you do. Click for more information!

Ways to Explore and…

Making New Year's resolutions can be daunting, and sticking to those resolutions can be even harder. But sometimes making a list of things that we want or need can actually help us reach our goals. Instead of writing a list of resolutions that we may or may not be able to keep, this article suggests writing 16 specific lists to help focus and guide our careers.