Cybersecurity Boom


Recently, published an interesting article here about New York’s recent proposed changes for financial institutions and insurers. There will be a potential increased need for attorneys with cybersecurity experience to address the issues arising from these proposed changes.  The proposals could have immediate and long-term implications nationally.

We recently interviewed three well-credentialed candidates with experience in this cutting edge area of law who posses the intellectual prowess to meet these challenging issues headon.  All three are at pivotal career points and may explore options.

Candidate 1:

  • UVA graduate with a passion for data breaches, confidentiality and privacy issues
  • International law firm experience and a solid diversified background rounds out this individual’s superior value to any growing practice group

Candidate 2:

  • Undergraduate, masters and doctoral education in this highly specialized world of computer technology and security
  • Law degree and practical experience makes this candidate an upcoming “go to” for developing this practice

Candidate 3:

  • 3 year attorney is seeking to relocate home to Texas – looking for opportunities in Houston, Dallas, or Austin
  • A high biller with excellent credentials and a passion for this area of law who is already starting to attract new clients to her firm
  • Good depth of litigation and experience handling cases

Please call us at 504-836-7595 if you are interested in hearing more about any of these candidates!


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