The Phenomena of Hiring in New Orleans

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Pertaining to the cycle of hiring, there is a funny thing that happens in southern Louisiana, particularly New Orleans. Clients and candidates frequently ask “When are you the busiest? When is the best time to look for employment?” The simple answer is “Whenever you need to hire, or whenever personal factors prompt you to consider a job change.” With the fresh beginning a new year offers, common-held beliefs would say now is a good time to start looking and, consequently, having more people to interview. The joke at Shuart has always been that between Thanksgiving and Mardi Gras we may not get much work done, depending on how the holidays fall. So we pooled our collective perceptions and some patterns formed. We surmised that if Thanksgiving is late in the month and Christmas a little earlier, hiring suffers. We further found that if Christmas falls on a Monday or Tuesday then some work gets done. If it is Wednesday, Thursday or Friday not so much. The granddaddy of all predictability? When is Mardi Gras? Our thinking has always been if it falls later, all the better. If it falls early, there just isn’t enough time to gain traction in the flurry of planning, partying, and parade-going that consumes us each year. We took a look at the cold, hard facts for the past eight years. Go ahead, take your own look. We welcome your interpretation of our data as well as offering up your own experience of whether holiday dates affect hiring.

Year Thanksgiving Christmas Mardi Gras 1Q Hiring
2010 11/25 Saturday 2/16 very low
2011 11/24 Sunday 3/8 very low
2012 11/22 Tuesday 2/21 very high
2013 11/28 Wednesday 2/12 average
2014 11/27 Thursday 3/4 low
2015 11/26 Friday 2/17 high
2016 11/24 Sunday 11/24 very high
2017 11/23 Monday 11/23 very high
2018 11/22 Tuesday 2/13 ??


The bottom line? There is no magical time of year or way to predict when your perfect job is going to hit the market. The best way to be sure you don’t miss out on your dream job is to send us your resume and let us know what to look out for. We’ll monitor the market and call you the second we see it!