Whether you’re an attorney, administrative professional or a support team member looking for a permanent position or an interim role, we're here to help. You can be a talented legal professional, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t love where you work.  When we learn where you want your future legal career to go, we'll help you unlock the right doors to get there.

We are proud members of NALSC, an organization that is “committed to the highest ethical standards” in legal recruitment. Founded in 1984, it now has 200 members (law firms and recruiting firms alike) from the US and further afield. A glance at some of the names on this list shows a veritable who’s who of the legal recruiting industry and BigLaw. Please see the NALSC Code of Ethics for the policies Shuart adheres to.

Our Process

  • If we call, we think you might be a great fit for a position we’re recruiting for. Even if this job doesn’t suit your personal and professional goals, the conversation will still be worthwhile. When you're ready to make a career move, you can reach out to us. 
  • You remain in complete control of where your resume goes. We're members of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants; read about our Code of Ethics here.  We'll help you prepare for your interview: whom you’re meeting, what to expect, which details are relevant for the position and why the firm is interested in you. We’ll also practice general interviewing techniques. 

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  • We partner with hundreds of law firms and corporations throughout Louisiana, Texas, and the Gulf Coast region. As a result, we can give you access to positions that may be unadvertised and unavailable through other channels. But the real differentiator? We get to know you, so our matches are targeted and proven to result in a hire. In today’s competitive job market, you need every advantage in your corner. One that has deep roots in your job market. One that will coach you on your resume and interview skills. One that will get you the right interviews and help you negotiate fair compensation. A recruiter you can wholly trust.
  • No. We will never charge job seekers for our services.
  • As we only operate by the highest ethical standards, Shuart has a defined process for assisting candidates in finding a new position. All information is kept confidential, and your resume will only be submitted to firms that we’ve discussed with you. Learn more about our affiliation with NALSC here

  • Temp-to-hire describes a temporary assignment that has the potential to turn into a permanent position. It’s also known as a “working interview.” Sometimes employers are unsure of their actual long-term needs—this buys them time. Sometimes they have had difficulty finding the right candidates—this gives you both the chance to try each other out. If you fulfill your obligations as an employee and the employer is interested in utilizing your services on a more permanent basis, the permanent position is yours. We only recommend accepting a temp-to-hire offer if you are not presently employed.

  • Of course. This is your career and if you are not interested in a position, decline! We will help you refuse the offer with the highest degree of professionalism and, with your feedback, we will continue to pursue positions that meet your experience, skills and preferences.

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