Whether you’re an attorney, administrative professional or a support team member looking for a permanent position or an interim role, we're here to help. You can be a talented legal professional, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t love where you work.  When we learn where you want your future legal career to go, we'll help you unlock the right doors to get there. 

We’ve been recruiting and consulting in the legal field for more than 25 years, developing relationships with Louisiana’s, Texas’ and the Gulf Coast area’s most respected firms. When the perfect position for you presents itself, we are thrilled to make the introduction, guide you through the interview process, and act as your advocate, negotiating your title and salary.

Our Process

  • If we call, we think you might be a great fit for a position we’re recruiting for. Even if this job doesn’t suit your personal and professional goals, the conversation will still be worthwhile. When you're ready to make a career move, you can reach out to us. 
  • You remain in complete control of where your resume goes. We're members of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants; read about our Code of Ethics here.  We'll help you prepare for your interview: whom you’re meeting, what to expect, which details are relevant for the position and why the firm is interested in you. We’ll also practice general interviewing techniques. 
  • We'll steer you through the process once an employer extends an offer, guiding you in your negotiations for the best salary and benefits. Our aim is for you to feel satisfied and wanted.
  • We worked hard to get to know one another, and that’s a relationship we value. Helping you further your career—knowing that we play a part in your professional growth and fulfillment—is why we do what we do. So don’t be surprised if one day you get a call from us. It’s a great way to reconnect so we can both stay on top of the market.

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