Successful Searches

We successfully completed 99% of searches.

Search Completion

Searches were completed on average in 111 days with 47% completed in 90 days or fewer.

Client Offers

Clients made offers after interviewing an average of 4 candidates.

Client Referrals

100% of our new clients have come from referrals.

Client Recommendations

96% of our clients say they would be likely/very likely to recommend us.


92% of our clients say they would be likely/very likely to retain us again.


Legal Recruiting & Consulting Done Right

Success in the legal profession is based on one's ability to think strategically and perceptively, communicate effectively, and be an attentive listener. Today, in a world of instant information, developing relationships can get lost.  Discover the lost art of headhunting with Shuart. 

Shuart & Associates is more than a legal recruiting boutique. Our unique philosophy serves our clients well, achieving long-lasting results. These relationships, built on mutual respect and understanding, span our 25-year history, and are a testament to our agile, proactive approach.

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Our Team


One of the attorneys I worked for told me, ‘Use your paralegal experience to find something you really like to do.’ The rest is recruiting history.”

Thirty years of being a successful legal recruiter and Darnell is still excited to get to her desk every morning. She feels that it is both a privilege and honor to work with clients and candidates who she really likes, and that the opportunity to be of service and help is very satisfying. Before working as a legal recruiter, Darnell was a paralegal in New Orleans—that’s when she received that bit of life-changing advice from her boss. She started Shuart & Associates to help people find careers that they truly love, knowing first-hand that it’s the very best way to achieve contentment and joy in life.

Market Insights

In every major search assignment, we learn something about our market and the present state of industry. Let us help you.
What do I say when companies ask me about my salary?

What do I say when companies ask me about my salary?

I get this question all the time, but there was an example of this last week that stayed with me..

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The Phenomena of Hiring in New Orleans

The Phenomena of Hiring in New Orleans

Pertaining to the cycle of hiring, there is a funny thing that happens in southern Louisiana, particularly New Orleans. Clients..

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The Effects of Unemployment Rates

The Effects of Unemployment Rates

The national unemployment rate fell as low as 4.3 percent during 2017 — the lowest level in 16 years. When..

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