Successful Searches

We successfully completed 99% of searches.

Search Completion

Searches were completed on average in 111 days with 47% completed in 90 days or fewer.

Client Offers

Clients made offers after interviewing an average of 4 candidates.

Client Referrals

100% of our new clients have come from referrals.

Client Recommendations

96% of our clients say they would be likely/very likely to recommend us.


92% of our clients say they would be likely/very likely to retain us again.


Legal Recruiting & Consulting Done Right

Success in the legal profession is based on one's ability to think strategically and perceptively, communicate effectively, and be an attentive listener. Today, in a world of instant information, developing relationships can get lost.  Discover the lost art of headhunting with Shuart. 

Shuart & Associates is more than a legal recruiting boutique. Our unique philosophy serves our clients well, achieving long-lasting results. These relationships, built on mutual respect and understanding, span our 30-year history, and are a testament to our agile, proactive approach.

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About the Owner



One of the attorneys I worked for told me, ‘Use your paralegal experience to find something you really like to do.’ The rest is recruiting history.”

Thirty years of being a successful legal recruiter and Darnell is still excited to get to her desk every morning. She feels that it is both a privilege and honor to work with clients and candidates who she really likes, and that the opportunity to be of service and help is very satisfying. Before working as a legal recruiter, Darnell was a paralegal in New Orleans—that’s when she received that bit of life-changing advice from her boss. She started Shuart & Associates to help people find careers that they truly love, knowing first-hand that it’s the very best way to achieve contentment and joy in life.